May 21, 2018

Cobo Center's 2018 Event Planning Guide Arrives

Cobo Center published its updated 2018 Event Planning Guide, making it available to event planners as a guide to all of the latest resources, rules and regulations needed to hold an event in the center.

"Cobo Center has a professional and experienced team that partners with the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau and the regional hospitality community to fully support shows and conventions at the facility," said Claude Molinari, Cobo Center's general manager. "This guide leads our customers through every phase of their events."

The 70 page guide is broken this year into four sections: Facility Usage Guidelines; Facility Rules and Regulations; Subcontractor Building Manual; and Cobo Center Sustainability. Each section is full of information, links and references to subject matter from accessibility to union regulations, and helpful information on how to hold a Green Event in the building. Links to the guide can be downloaded from links throughout the Planner and Exhibitor sections of and seen on ISSUU full screen viewers on those pages.

"What an exciting time it is to be in Detroit," added Molinari.  "The comeback of this great city is in full swing and Cobo Center is at the forefront of this great story. We hope that this guide will provide a wealth of support for our customers."