Aug 31, 2017

Latest Cobo Center Renovation Gets Rave Reviews

Our determination will not lag until this project is completed. Until this symbol of the living spirit of Detroit is raised upon the banks of the mighty river for all the world to see.

These words, written circa 1960 during the original construction of Cobo Center in Detroit, still hold true. The latest renovation recently unveiled opens the facility to the majestic Detroit River and international views of Windsor, Ontario. The original 12,000 seat arena has been repurposed into the stunning 40,000 square foot Grand Riverview Ballroom, the largest in the state of Michigan.

Equipped with a lift stage for dramatic introductions, the ballroom is 40,000 square-feet, dividable with a retractable wall and complemented by glass-enclosed, 10,000 square-feet of pre-function space and an open-air terrace overlooking the Detroit River and the skyline of Windsor, Ontario. 

The entire center has been updated with the latest technology, including more than 100 digital signs inside, and two gigantic digital signs on the facility's exterior, announcing events and sponsors to the heart of downtown Detroit. Discover more here