Local Media Support

Comprehensive Social Media Support

Facebook, LindedIn, and Instagram are the social media outlets TCF Center uses to help planners promote events. Posts and links to event news, webpages and videos during your event on our pages can go a long way in reaching industry and local attendees. Additionally, the last two posts on both TCF Center's Facebook and Instagram pages appear on the website homepage.

Your event manager can help you design a social media strategy for your event that will expand the reach of your core messages, inform and direct your attendees and reach targeted media outlets with event updates. Ask about social media monitoring and Twitter feed displays during your event.

Press Release And Local News Outreach

The public relations agency of record for TCF Center is Lovio George Communications, a full-service agency serving the Detroit area for more than 30 years. If your event needs help with a news wire release, Detroit media relations and getting the word out to local media outlets, ask your event manager for further information and a quote.

Identifying TCF Center In The Media

The name of the facility is TCF Center, spelled just like this.  Use of TCF Hall, TCF Arena, CoBo Center, COBO Center, or any other variation, is prohibited.

Use of the TCF Center logo or other proprietary intellectual property requires a written “License Agreement.”  Your sales manager or event service manager can provide one.

Current Hi-Res TCF Center Images

TCF Center images and information pre-approved for use: High-resolution photographs of TCF Center and other current news can be found in our website Press Room and used to develop promotional materials.

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TCF Center FAQ For Your Planning

Our extensive FAQ section on the TCF Center website can be used to help answer attendee questions and promote different aspects of your event in TCF.

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Green Event Support Makes Good PR

TCF Center is a Green Meetings Industry Council certified facility and collaborates with several Michigan agencies to provide the best Green Event opportunities to our customers.  A library of documents and resources on Green Events in TCF Center can be found here on the Green Initiatives page.

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The Press Room

TCF Center has a full-service website press room with everything needed to develop articles with venue information. It also has historical press releases and articles.

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