Welcome to TCF Center, formerly Cobo Center. Join us as we reach new heights.

2019 Sustainable Brands in TCF Center


A new story is being written about Detroit and the event industry we all care deeply about. As we dedicate ourselves to the new realities of hosting events, our customer's safety has become the center of it all.

TCF Center: The Center of it All

Reopening FAQs

How are room capacities in TCF Center currently determined?

The capacities of meeting rooms and exhibit halls are determined by the Governor’s executive order. The latest orders can be found HERE

What are the designated entry points for the venue?

Elevator Tower #2 will be primarily used as the entry point from Roof Parking and Washington Blvd. Garage. 

For those arriving on foot, the main entrance on Washington Blvd. at the Joe Louis Statue Entrance and the River Atrium entrance on Atwater. 

What parking garages are available for guest parking at the venue?

Rooftop Parking and the Washington Boulevard Garage will be open for attendee parking. Congress Garage may be opened depending upon the need. Click HERE for directions.

What is the protocol for event attendee temperature scans?

Temperature checks performed by the TCF Center security team, will take place at the three entry points. Once scanned, guests who are below the maximum temperature range will receive a sticker which must be displayed at all times while in the building. Those exceeding the temperature range will be denied entry. Please consult with your event manager regarding associated costs. 

Temperature scan locations for those entering via Elevator Tower #2 will be near the Cork ‘n’ Grind on the main concourse outside of Hall B and for those entering at the other locations, will be at those entry points. 

Who is responsible for placing COVID-19 control information signage in TCF Center?

TCF Center will provide signage in parking structures, elevators and public areas regarding special requirements due to COVID-19. Event specific signage must be provided by event organizer. 

How do I arrange for EMT service at my event?

All events with attendance of 1,000 or more are required to have an EMT on site at the event’s expense. TCF Center does not have a permanent EMT Station, but has created a dedicated Isolation Room for use by anyone with COVID-19 symptoms during an event. The Isolation Room is located on the main concourse (Level 2). 

What is the policy regarding the use of face masks in TCF Center?

By the State of Michigan Governor’s executive order, masks are mandatory for all event attendees and staff. TCF Center security staff will be strictly enforcing this order. All attendees and staff are required to provide their own masks. 

Does the venue provide sanitizer stations in event areas?

TCF Center will provide sanitizer stations at select locations in public areas. The Event Organizer is responsible for any additional stations in and around their event space. 

What is the protocol for sanitization in my event area?


 TCF Center will sanitize all restrooms and public spaces (high touch points) at regular intervals. All meeting rooms will be sanitized before the start of the event and at lunch time for events with multiple sessions. Depending upon the number of rooms needing sanitization, lunch times may have to be staggered. Any additional sanitization of meeting rooms will be at a cost to the event management based upon the room size and available time. Minimum time needed between sessions in the same room is 30 minutes. 

Please consult with your event manager regarding costs for the sanitization of meeting room and exhibit hall events as it will be based on allotted time and labor required. 

Can we hold pre-event meetings online?

Yes. TCF Center strongly encourages virtual pre-event meetings. 

What is the protocol for site visits at TCF Center?

Site visits can be arranged for a limited number of people. Consult your sales manager for details.

TCF Center Health and Safety Plan

We played a key role in the recovery of our city through bankruptcy and through the pandemic and we don’t forget we are all in this together.

The new story being written is one about the character of our community and the places people gather.

We look forward to seeing you again with the assurance we will put your safety at the center of it all.

Click HERE for the TCF Center Health and Safety Plan

Meeting Planner Tools

For a full array of meeting planner tools and in-house event support for conventions, trade shows, conferences, banquets, and meetings please visit the Meeting Planner Tools page.

TCF Center Security

Security measures established for each event in TCF Center support the entire event ecosystem. A united effort to mitigate risks through preparedness, security and safety measures is put in place to provide protection and peace of mind to all visitors. Pre-event planning ensures that TCF Center security is working effectively with your event security agency to create an environment of safety and hospitality for all attendees.

2020 Event Planning Guide

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