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UFI Resilience Study

Event Planners: please consider this invitation to participate in this industry resilience study

To participate email UFI/Explori [email protected]

Explori, in partnership with UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, are inviting event organisers who have recently cancelled, postponed or gone virtual with their event, to participate in an international study.  The study aims to understand the impact of these changes on visitors and exhibitors and identify best practice for future resilience.


We are certainly in the midst of trying times, but a point will come where both individual shows, and the industry as a whole, will want to reflect. We will need to evaluate the actions taken, the wider impact and what we can learn for the future.


Now is the time to start collecting this data to contribute towards future resilience and to learn and grow.


This research will aim to identify a number of things, including:

  • The resilience of face-to-face events
  • The economic impact of business opportunities lost
  • The unrecoverable costs to visitors and exhibitors
  • The impact on brand equity of cancellation or postponement
  • How effective are virtual events at meeting customer objectives?
  • Any direction from our customers as to how any impact can be mitigated in future


There is no cost to participate in the research and you will receive a report of results own results, plus an industry-wide insight piece based on anonymised aggregated data.


The insight will also be shared with all stakeholders who advocate on behalf of our industry. As with all Explori research, this project will be conducted with the highest regard for data privacy and results treated with the strictest confidence.


The process will not involve much of your time and you will be supported by the Explori team throughout.  We will not be asking you to transfer any personal data as part of this project.


If you feel you would benefit from a bespoke insight project around the resilience of your event, we can also provide this, so please talk to us today.


UFI Resilience Guide to Process

UFI Resilience Study participant FAQs